Personal Financial Planning Courses

Everybody wants to be informed about the financial situation and planning it. The need for financial independence is very big and people are constantly searching for the right person to help them. If you are interested in being this person, you should consider to be well informed about this field. Think about joining the courses available to become a professional in this field of employment.

A number of schools offer certification programs in personal financial planning. This course requires coursework in basic financial planning principles. This course includes Overview of financial planning, Insurance, Principles and methods of investments, Income tax planning, Retirement and employee benefits planning, Estate planning.

Outline of Financial Planning

Generally the certification courses offered by the various schools cover the basics of financial planning. The initial classes give an overview of the way finances control our lives. The financial planners learn about: Identifying and defining financial objectives. Principles of cash flow, Insurance, College funds, Taxes, Benefits, Retirement, Estate planning.

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In the present age, Insurance has become very important. Everyone wants insurance. Recognizing this need and the way it is needed to be handled in the individual financial condition, helps the investor to make proper decisions. Upon the completion of the course, you will understand the various insurance products and their salient features available to the common man. The topics covered are Life insurance, Annuities, Disability, Long-term medical care, Home and auto insurance, Umbrella policies, Medicare and Medicaid.

Principles and Methods of Investments

This course will teach you all the knowledge a financial planner is supposed to know. It covers: Securities laws and regulations Time value of money, Risk analyses, Stock valuation, Expected rates of return, Market indicators, Fundamental and technical analyses, Bonds, Options, Warrants, Futures and Mutual funds.

Income Tax and Tax Planning

Financial planners are expected to know about the income tax and related tax planning. Therefore a serious interest in this class is advisable. This course includes: Tax theory and tax laws, Income, Deductions, Tax rates, Tax credits, Sales, Exchanges, Tax-sheltering investments and Passive activity rules.

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Retirement and Employee Benefits Planning

When people are looking for a financial planner for them, not only are they looking for a person who will give them the right advice for the present, but also a person who will suggest them the way to invest their money so that they have a peaceful retired life too. Upon the completion of the course, you will be able to do a proper and complete retirement needs analysis. Also you will be able to understand and advice on the advantages and disadvantages of different retirement packages. Other important topics included in this course are: Tax deferrals and capital accumulation, Stock options, Non-qualified, deferred compensation plans, Tax-favored, corporate retirement plans, SIMPLEs, IRAs, SEPs and Profit-sharing plans.

Estate Planning

Recently a growing concern has been observed among people. This is the concern of wishes being fulfilled when they are no longer physically capable. The course also teaches you the ways to counsel a client so that they can transfer their resources, funds and assets to their heir. Also how these choices can have an effect on their tax objectives. Wills, living trusts, lifetime gifts and trusts, holding titles to property, life insurance and annuities, legal aspects, and post-death taxes are covered.

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The opportunities in this field are immense. The tax law alterations and amendments will help you in achieving your goal as a financial planner. So go and get your certification now!