Persuing an Elementary Education Online Degree

Any individual wishing to pursue elementary education degrees must first decide upon a suitable program for training. Most elementary education programs have strict state certification requirements and choosing the proper program means recognizing what the individual wants from the experience.

First off, before any teacher credentialing begins, the candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. After that, it’s all about research. Individuals pursuing an elementary education degree online should conduct research into the area and subjects they wish to teach. Topping the list of items to research are the certification requirements in obtaining a teaching credential. As certification requirements vary by state, individuals should research the requirements for the state in which they wish to work. The reputation of a school also goes a long way in determining the quality of teaching positions a graduate will likely receive.

The resources a university will invest in teacher education programs and the content of the education curriculum are also important determinants in choosing the right program. Does the program stress the foundations of teaching? Does the curriculum provide classroom management skills, an overview of teaching methods as applied to elementary school children, and basic coursework in child psychology? A curriculum that fails to teach the foundation and necessary skills within an elementary school environment will doom the teacher to failure before teaching actually begins.

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Most importantly, a good program will provide students with plenty of supervised classroom experience. The more practice a potential teacher receives in the classroom, the better the ability to handle students while on their own.

Decided on a locale to teach? The final step is to determine whether the program successfully prepares teachers to pass the state credentialing exams. Some schools gear their programs towards passing the state exams, while others have low pass rates. Look for schools with good passing rates (over 80%).

Teacher credentialing programs that rank favorably with the US News and World Report ranking of colleges are provided below.

University of Phoenix The University of Phoenix offers both a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Arts Degree in Elementary Education online. The program is designed around the specific state’s certification requirements.

Do the research and make the right choices when deciding the teaching locale. Individuals will feel better knowing that they’ve selected a program that matches their anticipated teaching goals.

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