Political Science Degree Career Steps to Becoming a Foreign Service Officer

Although a large proportion of political science college graduates use their degrees to enter law school, some choose to enter alternative careers in government, communications, and politics. For those who can meet the high acceptance standards, a political science degree career as a Foreign Service Officer can serve as practical use of acquired skills and a viable way to see the world.

What is a Foreign Service Officer?

A political science degree career with the Foreign Service can follow one of five tracks. Applicants may decide to enter management affairs, consular affairs, economic affairs, political affairs, or public diplomacy. No matter which political science degree career track is selected, Foreign Service Officers support American foreign policy, protect the American public, and promote American business interests in foreign countries. Foreign Service Officers are employed at embassies and consulates throughout the world. They must be available for assignment wherever deemed necessary by the Foreign Service.

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Qualifications for Acceptance as a Foreign Service Officer

There is no standard educational background for Foreign Service Officers. However, the application process is rigorous and completed successfully by a small percentage of applicants. The first step towards a political science degree career as a Foreign Service Officer is to complete a written test on subjects ranging from psychology and finance to American culture and U.S. government. Applicants who successfully pass the written examination go on to take an oral assessment, which consists of a day of questioning to determine management abilities and other skills required of Foreign Service Officers. Finally, a background check and medical examination is completed and successful applicants are placed on a list to await a first assignment.

Professionals interested in learning more about a political science degree career as a Foreign Service Officer may visit the Department of State careers website. For additional alternative political science degree career opportunities and an extensive list of available online political science degree programs, students may visit College-Pages.com, the education and career resource website.

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