Political Science Degree Jobs Career Possibilities with a Degree in Political Science

Political science is the study of political theories, practices, and systems. It is considered a social science and was first named by Herbert Baxter Adams while teaching history at Johns Hopkins University. Students in pursuit of a political science degree study issues such as Power, Conflict, Peace, Citizenship, Representation, and Justice.

They also develop valuable skills, including critical thinking, research, and writing. Consequently, graduates are prepared for a wide variety of political science degree jobs in government, business, law, and communications.

Political Science Career Options

After graduating from a political science university, many graduates proceed directly to law school. However, a host of alternative political science degree jobs exist for graduates of bachelor of science in political science (BSPS) programs. Possibilities include:

  • Public relations firms
  • Political campaigns
  • Lobbying and advocacy groups
  • Government. Management
  • Consulting

Opportunities for graduates of a BSPS degree also exist in:

  • Teaching.
  • Journalism.
  • Public planning.
  • Nonprofit agencies.
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Some political science majors eventually choose to run for public office or participate in international politics through political science degree jobs such as Foreign Service positions.

Opportunities for Advancement with a Career in Political Science

Some BSPS graduates choose to pursue a master of science in political science to better prepare for Foreign Service positions or business organizations. Others choose to earn a PhD in political science in order to obtain political science degree jobs in teaching and research at the university level. Finally, many BSPS graduates have the option of pursuing international business and trade positions through international companies.

Prospective students interested in learning more about a degree in political science may visit College-Pages.com, the education and career resource website. Students will find an extensive list of available political science degree programs as well as informative articles for individuals who are making educational and career decisions.