Prepare for Leadership Positions with a Criminal Justice Administration Program

A criminal justice career can be started with credentials that range anywhere from a high school diploma to a four-year college criminal justice degree. However, the Department of Labor reports that more education means higher earnings, lower rates of unemployment, and access to a wider range of career options. Students looking for an introduction to criminal justice can pursue on-the-job training or start with a two-year educational program. However, workers wishing to pursue leadership positions within the field more often enroll in a criminal justice bachelor degree online program that focuses on criminal justice administration.

What is Criminal Justice Administration?

The discipline of criminal justice involves the study of the government-created system that was set up to maintain social order. The three branches of the criminal justice system are law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Criminal justice administration most often refers to leadership positions within the system. Professionals who choose to enter criminal justice administration receive training in interpersonal and managerial skills, again, as mentioned earlier, often through a criminal justice bachelor degree online program.

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Criminal Justice Jobs with a BS in Criminal Justice Administration

Graduates of criminal justice bachelor degree online programs are qualified to work in a variety of positions in law enforcement, criminal law, and corrections. Earning a criminal justice career degree at the bachelor’s level qualifies workers to fill state and federal positions. Other options for criminal justice bachelor degree online program graduates include working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Criminal justice administration programs typically focus on training students for leadership and supervisory positions within the field of criminal justice.

Choosing a Program from Available Criminal Justice Schools

Criminal justice degree online and campus programs typically focus on a variety of subjects, including: Criminal behavior. Criminology methods. Public policy. Specialized interpersonal communication. Ethical issues in criminal justice. Criminal justice job degree programs offer training in both hands-on and administrative aspects of the field. Training also includes a balance of study in law enforcement, corrections, and courts.

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So, now, a great many students are choosing to pursue criminal justice bachelor degree online programs in criminal justice administration. For example, the University of Phoenix provides a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration that has been especially designed for working professionals; this is one of the most popular online criminal justice programs available today. Students may complete the entire program through distance education while maintaining work and family responsibilities. The criminal justice administration program at the University of Phoenix focuses on providing students with the managerial and leadership skills necessary to pursue advanced positions within the criminal justice system. For an extensive list of available programs, prospective students may visit, the education and career resource website.

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