Psychology Graduate Schools Specialize in Experimental and Research Psychology

Choosing to practice as a psychologist usually leads to the pursuit of advanced education in psychology. Psychology graduate schools offer training in a wide range of sub-disciplines within the field, including:

  • Sport psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Counseling psychology
  • School psychology
  • Educational psychology

Another potential specialty within the field, made possible through advanced education, is experimental and research psychology.

What do Experimental and Research Psychologists Do?

Psychology graduate schools prepare experimental and research psychologists to study the behavior of humans and animals. Research is conducted at universities, research centers, and government and nonprofit organizations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the most popular areas of research in psychology include: Motivation. Thought. Learning and memory. Sensory and perceptual processes. Effects of substance abuse. Genetic and neurological factors that contribute to behavior.

Psychology Graduate Schools

The Department of Labor also predicts that research psychologists will be called upon more often to develop effective marketing and statistical analysis tools in the coming years.

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Required Education to Work as an Experimental and Research Psychologist

A PhD in general psychology or a related discipline is usually required to conduct research in university and academic settings. However, the first step is to earn a graduate degree in general psychology. Psychology graduate schools, such as Capella University, provide training in cognitive and affective psychology, research methods, psychology of learning, and inferential statistics. Students may then streamline into the Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology program to further develop their research skills.

Prospective students should use the resource information available from, the education and career resource website, for an extensive list of psychology graduate schools. Students will also find additional articles that provide resource information for educational and career decisions.

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