Puerto Rico Colleges and Universities Pursuing Online and Campus Based Education in Puerto Rico

Students living in Puerto Rico have access to a variety of colleges and universities. Puerto Rico has been named the most developed nation in Latin America by the CIA Worldfact Book. Diverse career opportunities are available to graduates of Puerto Rico universities and colleges. Its sandy beaches and tropical climate are becoming prime work and study locations for students from all life situations.

Top 5 Puerto Rico Industries Employ Graduates of Puerto Rico Colleges and Universities

Puerto Rico is the most diversified and industrial economy in the Caribbean. Pharmaceutical, apparel, and electronics manufacturing have been important employment and income generators. Puerto Rico college graduates are finding career opportunities in the top 5 industries, including:

  1. Puerto Rico Government.
  2. Puerto Rico Trade, Transportation, and Utilities.
  3. Puerto Rico Manufacturing.
  4. Puerto Rico Professional and Business Services.
  5. Puerto Rico Educational and Health Services.

Graduates of Puerto Rico Universities and Colleges have Best Opportunities in Puerto Rico Economy

The Puerto Rico economy pales in comparison to the rest of the U.S. However, statistics are steadily improving and have made Puerto Rico one of the strongest economies in the Caribbean and Latin America. Puerto Rico university graduates have some of the best opportunities in an economy that boasts:

  • The September, 2017 Puerto Rico unemployment rate was 9.1%, a decrease of 1.1% since July 2017.
  • 1,269,500 people are employed in Puerto Rico.
  • Tourism contributes $1.3 billion yearly to the Puerto Rico economy.
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Working Professionals and Single Parents have Convenient Access to Puerto Rico Colleges and Universities

Nontraditional degree programs offered by Puerto Rico colleges and universities are helping working professionals and single parents achieve their educational goals. Unique online degree programs are now available in Puerto Rico through schools, such as:

Kaplan University: Nursing Degrees, Criminal Justice Degrees, and Management Degrees.

University of Phoenix: Nursing Degrees, Business Degrees, and Criminal Justice Degrees.

Warren National University: Computer Science Degrees and Engineering Degrees.

Capella University: Psychology Degrees and Nonprofit Agency Degrees.

Prospective students may request additional information from any Puerto Rico school of choice by filling out this brief profile form. For an extensive list of Puerto Rico colleges and universities, students are encouraged to visit College-Pages.com, the leading education and career resource website.

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