Rapid Growth of IT Businesses

Have you thought about working in the Information Technology field? The good news is that the Information Technology business is growing rapidly, and with the increased need of technical support, E-commerce, and technological security, the Information Technology business is expected to grow. What education path must one pursue to break into the Information Technology business? The educational resources are endless for individuals seeking to become a part of the Information Technology business. What can you do with that education in Information Technology once you have it? The possibilities and opportunities are endless.

The Information Technology business is booming and so are the salaries of it’s employees. Now is the time to pursue the education that you have been putting off. There is no shortage of high- quality colleges and universities that offer the education needed to become a part of the Information Technology business, and with more and more of them offering degree programs online, earning an Information Technology degree is as easy as point-and-click. There are several specialties the prospective Information Technology student must consider before becoming part of the business, such as Web Design and Multimedia, Video Game Software Creation, Graphic Design, and E-Commerce, to name a few. The University of Phoenix offers Bachelor’s degree programs in Web Design and Multimedia, Information Systems, Information Technology and Visual Communication, Business Information Systems, Information Technology, and E-Commerce, placing an emphasis on the business administration of Information Technology so that students are fully prepared for the workforce after graduation. Students focus on analysis of business technology, software architecture, and the acquisition of technical theories. American Intercontinental University (AIU) also offers a Bachelor’s degree program in Information Technology online that develops appropriate programming skills and educates students in data administration. Additionally, Warren National University also offers a fully-accredited Bachelor’s of Science program in Software Engineering that provides students with a comprehensive knowledge in the tools, techniques, and principles of software development and maintenance. Capella University offers Bachelor’s of Science degrees in General Information Technology and Graphics and Multimedia as well.

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Entry-level and experienced employees in the Information Technology business are included in every arena of the national and international workforce including general Business Administration, Health Care, Security, Banking, and Accounting, among others. The Business of Information Technology especially celebrates the advancements that it has made possible in the Health Care industry, all aspects of security in the business and technological arenas, and with the growth of internet purchasing, E-Commerce.

Below are listed some popular career choices in the Information Technology business and their national average salaries:

  • Chief Technological Executive – $228,796
  • Information Technology Officer – $125,944
  • Information Systems Director – $125,944
  • Technological Director – $76,083
  • Software Engineer – $68,450
  • Webmaster – $62,636

Individuals seeking to participate in the Information Technology business are encouraged to further research the endless career opportunities in the field, and contact one of the above colleges or universities for further information regarding an education in the Information Technology business.

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