Rhode Island Colleges and Universities Pursuing Online and Campus Based Education in Rhode Island

Thanks to a diverse array of local industries, students are finding lucrative careers throughout the “Ocean State” of Rhode Island. Colleges and universities are training students and working professionals for career advancement in service, trade, finance, manufacturing, health, and tourism. Advanced technology has allowed Rhode Island universities and colleges to offer some of the most flexible degree programs in the nation.

Rhode Island Colleges and Universities Prepare Students to Compete in the Local Job Market

Although Rhode Island is the smallest state by area, it offers a large variety of career options. Rhode Island university graduates enter the workforce prepared to compete for positions with prominent local employers, including:

  • CVS headquartered in Rhode Island.
  • Textron headquartered in Rhode Island.
  • FM Global headquartered in Rhode Island.
  • Hasbro headquartered in Rhode Island.
  • American Power Conversion headquartered in Rhode Island.
  • Nortek headquartered in Rhode Island.
  • Amica Mutual Insurance headquartered in Rhode Island.
  • GTECH Corporation headquartered in Rhode Island.
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Rhode Island Economy Offers Best Opportunities to Graduates of Rhode Island Universities and Colleges

Working professionals who make the most money and have the best career opportunities in Rhode Island tend to be graduates with an associate degree, bachelor degree, or advanced degree. Rhode Island college graduates are finding success in a local economy that boasts:

  • The September, 2017 Rhode Island unemployment rate was 5.6%.
  • 548,800 people are employed in Rhode Island.
  • The 2016 – 2017 Rhode Island median household income was $49,511, approximately $3,000 above the national average.

Working Professionals find Flexible Degree Programs at Rhode Island Colleges and Universities

Whether pursuing campus-based or online education, working professionals have access to flexible degree programs in major cities, like Providence, and throughout Rhode Island. College students are now maintaining work and personal commitments while pursuing unique degree programs from Rhode Island schools, such as:

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Kaplan University: Rhode Island Online Degree Programs.

University of Phoenix: Rhode Island Online Degree Programs.

ITT Technical University: Rhode Island Online Degree Programs.

Capella University: Rhode Island Online Degree Programs.

American InterContinental University: Rhode Island Online Degree Programs.

More information about earning a degree through Rhode Island colleges and universities is available through College-Pages.com, the leading education and career resource website. Prospective students will also find access to informative articles on making education and career decisions in the state of Rhode Island.

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