Schools, Colleges, and Institutes of Technology

There are an extraordinary number of schools that provide education programs today in the field of technology. Generally, in the educational world, technology is loosely separated into the fields of computer science and information technology (IT).

Computer science learning programs, at the college level, grew out of the electrical engineering departments at many schools. Many universities still issue degrees in electrical engineering with a computer science specialty. But, the point is that the term “computer science” covers the science of all types of technology hardware, from routers, to fiber optic switches, to laptop screens.

Information technology programs include the study of computer data and its transmission in many forms. The Internet and its functions fall under information technology, as do computer networks and databases. Digital graphics is a form of information technology. The two terms divide an enormous body of learning into the loosely defined areas of hardware and the data that the hardware puts out.

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Virtually all community colleges will have associate’s degree programs in computer science, information technology or other academic spin-offs. Traditional universities also provide majors in computer science and in information technology. You can also find a good deal of specialization and a much more direct course to a degree through an online college.

There are institutes and schools that specialize in certification courses for many of the technical support jobs that make technology systems work. CDI College is an online school with perhaps 20 different courses of study in computer networking, programming and maintenance. Everest College is a school with nine campuses and an online program that offers courses in such topics as computer information systems, advanced microcomputer applications, and applied office technology. These online schools and others like them focus on the field of certification for specific technology skill sets.

Westwood College is an online school with 2 technology bachelor’s programs: information systems security and computer network management. Their 2 associate’s degree programs in technology specialize in computer network engineering and technical management.

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University of Phoenix Online has a series of bachelor’s and master’s degrees that center on IT, many combined with a concentration on business: Associate of Arts in Information Technology. Associate of Arts in IT/Networking. Associate of Arts in IT/Visual Communication. Bachelor of Science in Business/ e-Business. Bachelor of Science in Business/Information Systems. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Bachelor of Science in IT/Information System Security. Bachelor of Science in IT/Visual Communication. MBA/Technology Management. MIS – Master of Information Systems. Doctor of Management/Information Systems and Technology.

Boston University’s online affiliate Metropolitan College offers a bachelor’s in computer science and a bachelor’s in management information systems. Their master’s programs include computer science/security and computer information systems/security. Those two degrees provide a clear illustration of the split between computer science (hardware) and IT (data).

Kaplan University is another online institute with a comprehensive set of educational technology programs. They have 6 associate’s degrees and 6 bachelor’s degrees in such majors as database, web development, networking computer information systems, and wireless networking.

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These are a selection of online technology institutes that provide a wide spectrum of educational opportunity. Select your field of interest, and then go shopping for a technology institute that will teach you what you need to know.