South Carolina Colleges and Universities Pursuing Online and Campus Based Education in South Carolina, the Palmetto State

Working professionals are heading back to school in search of career advancement in South Carolina. Colleges and universities are training students to compete in industries, such as business, government, manufacturing, and trade. Thanks to advanced technology, South Carolina universities and colleges are now able to offer flexible degree programs that allow students to maintain their work and personal responsibilities.

Graduates of South Carolina Colleges and Universities find Upper-Level Positions in Top 5 Local Industries

South Carolina offers a diverse selection of industries for college graduates. South Carolina university graduates are now finding employment in the state’s top 5 industries, including:

  1. South Carolina Trade, Transportation, and Utilities.
  2. South Carolina Government.
  3. South Carolina Manufacturing.
  4. South Carolina Professional and Business Services.
  5. South Carolina Leisure and Hospitality.

South Carolina College Graduates Compete Effectively in Local Economy

Tourism is South Carolina’s largest source of income. Military bases and nuclear facilities also boost the economy in the state. South Carolina college graduates are securing the best opportunities in an economy that reports:

  • The 2017 South Carolina gross state product was $136 billion.
  • The September, 2017 South Carolina unemployment rate was 6.3 %, a 0.5% decrease since June, 2017.
  • 1,989,000 people are employed in South Carolina.
  • The 2016 – 2017 South Carolina median household income was $40,107.
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Colleges and Universities in South Carolina Provide Flexible Options for Working Professionals

Whether pursuing an associate degree, bachelor degree, or advanced degree, South Carolina college students have a variety of programs to choose from. Unique combinations of campus-based and online education are now available through South Carolina schools, such as:

Kaplan University: South Carolina Online Degree Programs.

University of Phoenix: Columbia College Campus and Online Programs.

ITT Technical Institute: Greenville University Campus and Online Programs.

For an extensive list of South Carolina colleges and universities, students are encouraged to visit, the leading education and career resource website. Prospective students will also find links to informative articles about making education and career decisions in the state of South Carolina.

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