Students of Business Administration

The tools and practices for business administration have evolved substantially over the last generation. Consumer communications equipment was basically limited to telephone systems; satellite use was reserved to the military. Today, Boston University Metropolitan College offers two bachelor’s degrees in their management studies program: one in basic business administration and one in information technology. This is a reflection of how critical information – data, data storage, data transmission, data analysis – has become to the world of business management.

Business administration is the core undergraduate major for young people contemplating a career in the corporate world. It is not the only relevant major: economics, finance, accounting, information technology, even statistics all have great bearing on business and business management. But the bachelor’s degree in business administration is the most direct path through the door to the business world, especially at an entry level or low-to-mid level position.

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Business administration degrees are offered with a wide variety of “areas of specialization;” a major-within-a-major so to speak. The online school University of Phoenix Online offers bachelor’s degrees in business followed by a slash and the following options: Accounting, Administration, Finance, Global Business Management, Marketing, Public Administration and Retail Management. Business administration is a catch-all field of study, providing the underlying structure for the execution of all of these roles. Nonetheless, there are business administration majors with many of the same specialization areas.

The master’s in business administration, or MBA, has become almost essential for individuals seeking to rise into the upper echelons in the corporate world. Following the “new economy” business boom of the nineties, educational institutions were grinding out MBAs by the thousands, as young people came to realize that a bachelor’s degree wasn’t sufficient for the pursuit of a major leadership role in business.

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Many people who completed undergraduate work fifteen or twenty years ago are returning to the classroom or to the internet, in order to obtain that MBA and continue on a career path that has been shortened in recent years due to the lack of sufficient education. Online business administration programs have become a popular source for individuals in this position who find themselves one degree short but now saddled with a full time job and a family.

Other schools have opened a number of small facilities to provide classroom and library facilities for continuing education. Westwood College has eighteen campuses that offer evening as well as day classes, to complement their online education program. American International University has several schools around this country and more sites overseas. They have eight professionally oriented fields of study, one of which is business administration, for which they offer both an associate’s and a bachelor’s degree.

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In continuing education and in distance learning, business administration is arguably the most popular field of study. Our economy today has transitioned to the point where the corporate environment is the professional standard. Information and the technology surrounding it have come to define today’s business environment. Even for the seasoned business professional, there is much that is new to learn in business administration.