Study Computer Science Online

Most online educational institutions offer classes in technology. Schools that are geared more towards the healthcare or business industries may not have very many options in technology studies. These schools will often offer a degree in information technology or have certificate courses in network information security. Other colleges or universities will offer a broader range of choices within the field of computer science.

There are differences in the phraseology of degree programs between schools is evident. For instance, Kaplan University offers associate’s degrees in information systems with specialties in networking, Java, wireless networking, and web development. They do not, however, have a degree program specifically called “computer science.” The bachelor offerings at Kaplan in information technology have the following concentration options: multimedia and animation, programming, database, networking and web development. A computer science degree may offer basic knowledge that touches on many of these areas, but the degrees at Kaplan are more in depth and job focused.

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Boston College’s Metropolitan University offers a bachelor’s degree in computer science online, as well as a software development certification program. They also offer a graduates program in computer information systems, which concentrates on information systems security.

The online program at Boston College also offers a master’s degree in administrative studies with a concentration in electronic commerce, systems and technology. This degree program has a narrow focus, and would better qualify you for a job at a top notch online company like Google or Ebay than a general computer science degree.

The University of Phoenix Online also as an array of computer science-related degree offerings. Bachelor offerings include business with a focus in e-business, business with a focus in information systems, and information technology. They also have a technology management master’s program. Other master’s degree offerings that the University of Phoenix provides include systems and systems management.

CDI College offers certification programs, as opposed to degree programs, that are computer science related. These certificates include: Network and Internet Security Specialist, CISCO certified network administrator, Network and Internet Support Specialist for Windows 2000, Microsoft Office Specialist, Office Information Technology Specialist, Wed Designer, and Computer Business Applications Specialist.

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Online computer science education choices are plentiful. Regardless of the school, online classes are typically very efficient. It might only take two or three years to obtain your bachelor’s or master’s degree. Certification can be had in merely months.