Studying Computer Science Through Distance Learning

Distance education has expanded thanks to the internet. There are a variety of options provided by quite a few accredited colleges, who offer computer science degrees. Plenty of traditional colleges and universities have off-campus extensions. While some of these extensions are physical locations, branches, away from the main campus, some schools expand their offerings online. Many new opportunities have recently been added on the internet by online educational institutions, including courses in technology.

Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in information technology and computer science are available through online colleges and universities. All of the principal classes that traditional schools provide can be taken online if you are just starting your post-secondary education. Distance learning is convenient for individuals who already work full-time and want to complete their education they may have already started. Taking a few courses can refresh and update your knowledge if you want to keep up to date with new computer science related technology and developments.

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Computer science degree programs offered by Warren National University include bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate courses of study. Warren also offers degrees in software engineering, information management, information systems, and management technology. Sometimes your work experience and credits earned prior to enrollment can count towards your online degree.

The University of Phoenix offers individual courses, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. The bachelor’s in science degree for information technology includes courses in the internet, databases, networks and telecommunication, programming and operating systems and business systems development. The individual courses are available for those who just want to stay current with computer science developments. There are six classes to choose from under networks and telecommunications, and another six under computer information systems.

Kaplan University offers both degree and certificate programs. There are fifteen different computer science related focuses. Some of these are programming, networking, the internet and software development. Capella University offers a bachelor’s degree in information technology and the following master’s degrees: information security; network architecture and design; project management and leadership; system design and programming; and general information technology. Capella also has certification programs for Professional Project Management and Information Security Professional

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If you take the time to explore the options, you will find that almost any specialization or academic level in computer science can be obtained online. You will have the option of choosing class times and course loads that will work for you. Even though it is called distance learning, communicating with professors is as simple as sending an email, so there is no need to feel far away.