Successfully Earn a Distance Education Master Degree

Online classes are becoming the norm for working adults. While online formats offer a fair degree of flexibility for those requiring it in order to meet scheduling demands, much of the content delivered still lacks the interactivity and skillful entertainment of a live teacher in a traditional classroom setting. Online instruction demands a discipline and focus that most find difficult to achieve in an independent learning environment. In short, a successful delivery of an online class that supports the learning objectives and actually teaches something worthwhile takes some skill and finesse.

Classroom teachers often fail to deliver the same level of excellence in an online class as they do in a traditional classroom. Part of this failure comes in part from the failure of the teacher to recognize that the forum of online thinking is very different from classroom thinking. Successful online instructional design requires an understanding of how adults think, learn, and retain information. Keeping topics relevant to the course in as succinct a format as possible is the key to making online learning a success.

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Because of the recent popularities of this format, universities have taken the lead in developing distance education master degree programs that standardizes the teaching of online classes. These master degree programs improve the rates of online teaching by addressing the fundamental differences in between the two forums and using these differences to develop formats compatible with the mode of learning.

Capella University – School of Education Capella University offers the Masters in Instructional Design for online learning. This program emphasizes the planning, organization, design, method of delivery, and evaluations of online classes.

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