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There is a difference between technical schools and colleges and schools of technology. Technical schools are training centers that will prepare you for every career from auto mechanic, to food marketing, to truck driver. You may find a few technology-oriented careers available at a technical school – such as software programming – or you may not. Technology colleges and schools are either institutions that offer courses for technology-oriented jobs (i.e., computer network maintenance), or they offer full college degrees in information technology and computer science fields, or they offer both.

CDI College is an example of an online college that offers certification training. They have a technology division with nine different academic choices for certification in the field of networking. They have five academic choices in the programmer/developer area, all of which are oriented to website development and maintenance.

University of Phoenix Online offers a variety of technology degrees, ranging from an Associate of Arts in Information Technology to a Doctor of Management in Information Systems and Technology. Their bachelor’s programs include the following: BS in Business/Information Systems. BS in Business/e-Business. BS in Information Technology. BS in Information Technology/Information System Security. BS in Information Technology/Visual Communications.

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University of Phoenix also offers two master’s degrees, including: MBA/Technology Management. MIS – Master of Information Systems.

Capella University offers a variety of online information technology degrees, including the following: BS in Information Technology – General. BS in IT – Graphics and Multimedia. BS in IT – Information Assurance and Security. BS in IT – Network Technology. BS in IT – Web Application Development. MBA – Information Technology Management. MS in IT – General Information Technology. MS in IT – Network Architecture and Design. MS in IT – Information Security. MS in IT – System Design and Programming.

Kaplan University has 6 online bachelor’s degree programs in the IT academic area. Specializations include: Database. Multimedia and animation. Networking. Programming. Web development.

Their associate’s degrees in the IT field are all in information systems and include specializations in Java, networking, web development, and wireless networking.

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Four online technology colleges, all with different levels of degrees and academic specializations. You can find certification programs and associate’s degree programs in technology fields of study at most public community colleges. Four-year colleges and universities will also have technology studies. Many of the universities have comprehensive schools of computer science that have grown out of their electrical engineering departments.

You can find some esoteric specialties in some of the larger universities, in such areas as computer languages, database design and artificial intelligence. Those sorts of institutions are best suited for those with time and dedication to pursue full four- or five-year courses of study. If you are interested in breaking into the technology field and need a certificate or a college degree to do it – while you are working – then you should consider the online option.

These schools are accredited, well established, and one of them is going to have the degree in the academic focal area that you want. Online technology degrees also, typically, take less time. They are pragmatic courses of study, designed to get you the education you need as efficiently as possible. With every year, technology offerings grow as the industry develops more complexity and areas of specialization.

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