The Academics of Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is a fast growing area of education. It has various branches which themselves are capable of independent study. They are hardware, software and the process which helps in the working of these components, networking.

A number of colleges offer courses in various area of the Information Technology, such as network maintenance. Also a number of online universities offer both certificate and degree – level courses on Information Technology.

All kinds of degrees can be earned. Starting from associate’s degree a doctorate degree in any of the sub disciplines can be earned in Information Technology. Some speciality schools like CDI College offer certification course for operational jobs in the IT industry. It offers courses in the various topics of networking, such as CISCO Certified Network Administrator. Network Administrator. Network and Internet Security Specialist. Network and Internet Security Specialist – LEA.AE. Network and Internet Support Specialist. Network and Internet Support Specialist: Windows 2000 Option of LEA.87. Network Plus Boot Camp Certificate. Network Support Specialist. Programmer/Network Support Analyst.

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The programming and developing certification courses offered by CDI college in areas such as Computer Programmer/Web Developer, programmer analyst/Internet Solutions Developer, Programmer Analyst/Internet Solutions Developer – LEA.5D, Programmer Analyst/Web Developer Programmer Analyst/Web Developer – LEA.AD.

These certifications are very effective in securing employment as technicians in a corporate IT industry. Courses for other degrees in the area of IT can be found at the various online colleges that offer full collegiate programs.

Two associate’s technology degree programs and two bachelor’s courses in technology are offered by Westwood College Online. While the associate’s degrees concentrates on Computer Network Engineering. Software Engineering, the bachelor’s degree focuses on Computer Network Management, Information Systems Security.

Another famous online University , Kaplan University’s technology department provides a large number of programs. The 6 associate’s degree programs include courses like Java, Networking, Programming, Web development, Wireless networking. The bachelor’s- level majors include: Database, Networking, Programming, Web development.

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The courses listed above are only 3 of the many universities offering courses and certifications in the IT world

Some of the others are: Capella University, offering a master’s IT program with speciliztion in Information Technology General, Information Security, Network Architecture and Design, Project Management and Leadership and System Design and Programming.

The syllabus of the programs includes courses that are related to IT certifications such as CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, CISSP, and PMP.

Capella University has developed a course that includes certification requisites. This practical approach is very commonly seen in the courses offered by the online colleges.

The minor degrees offered by Capella include similar consideration for certification requirements.

The online colleges do offer degrees in courses related to the IT industry, at the same time they also offer practical knowledge in other important technical areas.

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