The American College of Healthcare Executives

The American College of Healthcare Executives is a large trade organization for professionals in the health care management field. ACHE has thirty thousand members and hosts an annual trade meeting for its members. It is also known for providing continuing education and training for its members, as well as two trade journals and a magazine. The organization has a publishing division, the Health Administration Press, which is one of the larger specialty publishers of books and journals on health care management, as well as textbooks for academic programs for healthcare administration.

Membership in the organization will provide you with access to ACHE’s job bank as well as their computerized resume file. They also have a group health insurance program that is available to members. You do not need to be a working healthcare administrator in order to join ACHE. All that is required for full membership is that you hold a bachelor’s degree of some sort and have “a commitment to the profession of healthcare management.” That appears to mean you are interested in working in the profession; dues are $150 per year. For individuals who are enrolled in a college-level health administration or related program there is a reduced fee structure.

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In virtually every state, healthcare administrators have some sort of licensure or certification requirement that includes a renewal process, often on an annual basis. In addition, there is a federal licensure and exam process for most positions in the industry. There is usually a continuing education requirement included in the recertification or re-licensure process. ACHE provides a large number of online education programs that will meet those continuing education requirements.

There are also health care certification courses provided online through the ACHE website. Online seminars and self-study courses can earn you credits towards certification that is provided by ACHE and may help you in meeting certification requirements found in public jurisdictions. Thirty one courses are available. Examples of self-study topics include “Managed Care Contracting” and “Creating a High Retention Nursing Culture”.

In addition to the job bank and resume bank, ACHE provides a number of resources to assist in career orientation. If you are just beginning to consider a career in the field, ACHE maintains a website with introductory information on the industry and the employment opportunities within it at They make resume software available and will critique your resume if you wish.

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Their publishing house has a series of books on career development and leadership issues. They issue an industry intelligence report from time to time that is single issue oriented (example: “Mentoring Mechanics”), but gathers information on the topic from a wide array of resources.

Their “Career Guides” section includes articles on a range of topics. Examples from this section include “Finding a Compatible Corporate Culture” and, from the Personal Marketing area, “How to Write a Winning Resume” along with “The Job Search and the Unsolicited Phone Call”.

The American College of Health Administrators provides a thorough range of services to practicing professionals and those who are interested in joining the ranks of healthcare managers. Their publications, on site and online seminars and placement databases all are the earmarks of a lively, active trade organization. It can be a good fit for someone who is thoroughly vested in pursuing a healthcare administration career.

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