The Fast Growing Career of IT Support

Considering an education and career in the field of Information Technology Support? The good news is that the skills and qualifications of employees in Technological support are in extremely high demand. After all, how many people really understand, and aren’t totally and completely intimidated by all the technical jargon, and such, that comes along with the use of highly technical programs and equipment? Those guys we often refer to as “computer geeks” do the world and it’s economy a great service. As I always like to say, I don’t understand the technology, I just use it. And in my case, and many others, I am constantly in need of technical support! Technology may keep changing, developing, and advancing, but the need to have a qualified individual to explain and simplify those advancements will never change.

The industry of Information Technology support is growing rapidly and is expected to continue to grow with the technological advancements of the ever-changing national and international business world. The services of Technological Support are valued within all areas of the business world and within the world of Information Technology itself, including the disciplines of Software Development, Video Game development, Graphics, Web Design, E-Commerce, Information Security and Management, Database Management, Network Technology, Web Application Development, and Information Systems. Individuals pursuing an education in the Information Technology support field may chose from this long list of disciplines to specialize in. Graduates of Information Technology Support degree programs have the option of working on a freelance consulting basis, within a Technological Support Consulting Firm, or as a full-time Technical Support staff member. The ability to work on a freelance consultant basis attracts many Information Technology students to the career of Technical Support.

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There are many Information Technology Support firms that offer technical support to specific industries on the instructional, research, and administrative levels, with the most rapidly growing being the technical support firms geared towards the Health Care industry. Information Technology Support Centers seek to advance the application of Informational Technology to provide clients with more accurate, effective, secure, and cost effective technological services.

There are many resources for individuals interested in pursuing an educational degree for a career in Information Technology Support, with many offering degree programs online. The University of Phoenix offers Bachelor’s degree programs in Web Design and Multimedia, Information Systems, Information Technology and Visual Communication, Business Information Systems, Information Technology, and E-Commerce, placing an emphasis on the business administration of Information Technology so that students are fully prepared for the workforce after graduation. Students focus on analysis of business technology, software architecture, and the acquisition of technical theories. American InterContinental University also offers a Bachelor’s degree program in Information Technology online that develops appropriate programming skills and educates students in data administration. Additionally, Kennedy-Western University also offers a fully-accredited Bachelor’s of Science program in Software Engineering that provides students with a comprehensive knowledge in the tools, techniques, and principles of software development and maintenance. Capella University offers Bachelor’s of Science degrees in General Information Technology and Graphics and Multimedia as well.

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