The Health Care School of Hawaii

The Health Care School of Hawaii is a training facility dedicated to teaching its students the art and science of being a nursing assistant. It calls itself a ‘Caregiver Training School’ and is approved by the state Department of Education. Tuition for the program is $500, but the school’s web page makes note of the fact that financial assistance is available, and that job placement services are available through Oahu Joblink.

For high school graduates who are not in a position to head off to college immediately and would like to pursue a career in nursing or a related field, the Health Care School of Hawaii is an ideal point of departure. Students learn basic nursing skills and all the little tasks that can fall to the care giver, principally through the process of working with geriatric patients.

The curriculum includes the basics of caring for people with mobility problems and, perhaps, communications difficulties. Medical focus includes infections control, nutrition, rehabilitation methods and learning to read vital signs. The course work includes eighteen hours of work in a nursing home to go with the sixty two hours of classroom study. Hawaii’s Health Care School is designed to provide some basic skill sets but beyond that, to incubate the sense of caring and compassion that is critical for someone working with invalids and perhaps hospital patients.

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The nursing assistance training program leads to certification as a nurse’s assistant in the State of Hawaii. Once the training and certification is completed the student is prepared to work in the field, hopefully there in Hawaii through the placement opportunities provided by the Health Care School. Equally important is the basis for further education in the nursing field that this certification provides.

A graduate of Hawaii’s Health Care School can take the course hours and credits attained there, and pursue further education that may lead to other job opportunities in the field. Once the nurse’s assistant is working, the chance to see what other jobs area available that might be of interest in the medical services field. From there, an online search may well result in another program of education that can be pursued via the internet even if it is not available nearby in Hawaii.

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Nursing assistants can find employment in many more locations than senior care facilities. There are opportunities in outpatient clinics, in schools, in any number of care giving situations where some rudimentary medical training is required. It is a specialty that can be developed without a full college education and from which employment should result fairly quickly.

The program is clearly designed to assist young people without a lot of assets and academic ambition. It is an opportunity for early success in an educational environment, which will result in gainful employment. It is no doubt the hope of the Hawaii Department of Education and the Hawaii Health Care School that early success such as this will encourage the graduates of the Health Care School to continue their education and career path further into the nursing profession.

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