The Information Technology Industry’s Fast Growth

Are you thinking of working in the Information Technology Industry? If the answer is yes, the good news is that the Information Technology industry is rapidly advancing and it’s students are highly in-demand. The ever-developing nature of technology makes the Information Technology industry a great career choice for anyone considering a new career or education, and this development shows no signs of slowing down. As technology grows, now is the time to pursue that career in the Information Technology industry that you have been putting off.

The Information Technology industry involves the processing of technical information and data and the methods involved in the storing, transmitting, security, and conversion of that data. Not all Information Technology workers are employed by Information Technology firms. The Information Technology industry offers employees the options of working on a freelance consultant basis, directly for Information Technology firms, and as full-time IT staff for companies and organizations. The Information Technology industry offers opportunities in all areas of the national and international business arenas including health care, security, banking and accounting, and management, to name a few.

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The Information Technology industry has contributed greatly to the health of the United States economy. Information Technology’s share of the United States economy double between the 1970’s and the 1990’s, gaining it’s status by a demand for digital technology and knowledgeable IT workers. Within the Information Technology industry, service jobs increased from 33% in 1994, to 50% in 2000, and again to 55% in 2017. Job growth in the Information Technology industry is attributed to a combination of new companies opening for business and existing companies hiring additional workers. With the obvious growth of the Information Technology industry, it’s increasing popularity as a career choice is no surprise.

How does one go about pursuing a career in the Information Technology industry? There are several Information Technology colleges and universities that offer educational programs in the field and it’s many specialties, with many offering online degrees. The University of Phoenix offers Bachelor’s degree programs in Web Design and Multimedia, Information Systems, Information Technology and Visual Communication, Business Information Systems, Information Technology, and E- Commerce, placing an emphasis on the business administration of Information Technology so that students are fully prepared for the workforce after graduation. Students focus on analysis of business technology, software architecture, and the acquisition of technical theories. American Intercontinental University also offers a Bachelor’s degree program in Information Technology online that develops appropriate programming skills and educates students in data administration. Additionally, Warren National University also offers a fully-accredited Bachelor’s of Science program in Software Engineering that provides students with a comprehensive knowledge in the tools, techniques, and principles of software development and maintenance. Capella University offers Bachelor’s of Science degrees in General Information Technology and Graphics and Multimedia as well.

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