The Information Technology Industry

The term Information technology covers an ever-widening group of businesses and services that are associated with consumer technology. There are enterprises which are run by a single person that cater to the computer and software support and maintenance needs of the family computer market. These single enterprises are an important market segment, especially for people whose computers show problems and can’t be taken to a service center.

Information Technology Industry

These are small networking enterprises offer their networking services to the offices, interconnecting the work stations at every employee’s desk. A networked office is a very important in today’s work culture. This has happened because internet and email has become the main agent for communication. And instead of providing each terminal with internet connections it is more cost friendly to connect them with interoffice network and then give this network a common internet access. This network of computers now no longer need to have separate printers, scanners and other paraphernalia as these could be shared via the same network. The storage space of such an office also increases drastically as all the office files can now be stored at one server and can be accessed by all without any problem.

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The major networking companies have developed their own hardwire systems to offer proprietary service for large and multinational conglomerates. Some companies have also created networks in urban centers; here they can acquire large business clients for networking and internet services. These major networking companies leave the consumer market to the large ISPs, like Earthlink or AOL, and give attention to business services.

Next, there is a great scope in the software market. Organizations such as Oracle, Peoplesoft, and Siebel, have earned billions of dollars selling industry and commerce related software to mega corporations. Classy database systems from these software organizations and other similar ones provide businesses with the latest customer service management software. This is so designed as to create the best possible relationship with a business client and also maximize sales. Other software packages such as Accounting and business tracking software packages satisfy other important purposes in the corporate software world.

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The above mentioned are a few examples of the kinds of organizations that have succeeded in the world of information technology. Making a career with an organization of information technology needs knowing the product they are offering, their marketplace and their competitors. Technical knowhow for some of these careers can be located through online training centers and colleges.

An online training course offers certificates in various areas of IT industry. About nine online training programs are offered by the CDI College. These certificates focus on different specializations in the networking trade. Their program/developer division of CDI College has five courses of study focused on programming, especially for the web. You can earn a certification in any or all of these fields.

A course in computer information systems and automated office technology is offered by Everest College. A technician certificate can be earned after the completion of a 9- to 18-month training program.

Other schools such as Kaplan University, have courses for a variety of associate’s degrees in information technology. They also have IT bachelor’s degrees. The syllabus of Kaplan’s programs include: BSIT/Database, BSIT/Multimedia and Animation, BSIT/Networking, BSIT/Programming, BSIT/Web development.

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If you have the inclination for a career as a technician or as a expert in the IT industry, visit the job listings for the industry and see the educational requirements for the various positions. Especially the jobs which require a certification in IT, the requirement are regarding very specific certificates needed for some positions. Once you know the requirements you can concentrate on those particular courses which are very high in demand. Earn your certificates and prepare yourself for an exciting career.