The IT Security Industry

If you are thinking of pursuing an education in Information Technology, you may want to consider specializing in the field of Information Technology Security. Information Technology Security is one of the most rapidly growing careers in the national and international business world. Security is becoming increasingly important to the entire business and economic world, from the small business and the growing agency, to the larger firm, the giant corporation, and at the state, government, and international levels. As technology continues to advance and develop, a demand for technological security grows and develops in the same proportion. Information Technology Security is perhaps one of the greatest issues facing our nation today. How does one prepare to become involved in the world of Information Technology Security? Where is Information Technology security utilized in the business world and what does it involve?

Information Technology security refers to the safekeeping and protection of technological data against unauthorized access or modification, the denial of entrance to authorized users, the granting of entrance to unauthorized users, and the measures taken to prevent such instances. The more valuable the technological information, the higher degree of security needed. Basically, Information Technology security is really about risk assessment and minimization of that risk – getting the right technological data in the right hands, at the right time. Information Technology security protects confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

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Information Technology security is an essential part of every industry in Business Administration including Health Care, Banking, Accounting and Finance, Insurance, Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions, and especially on the local, state, and national government levels. Students interested in pursuing an education and career in IT security must be willing to retain the confidentiality of their clients as employees, consultants, and contractors will have access to information that is not authorized to be viewed or discussed by fellow employees and the public. Information Technology security employees that leak confidential information are subject to prosecution.

Students of Information Technology security will first study the core courses in Information Technology, then study the facets involved in the specialization of security including governance, access control, risk assessment and minimization, classification, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, non- repudiation, compliance, identification and authentication, authorization, administration and provisioning auditing, alerting, assurance and reliability, and Business Continuity Planning.

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Several colleges and universities offer online degree programs in Information Technology with a specialty in security. The University of Phoenix, Capella University, Kennedy-Western University, and American InterContinental University all offer online degree programs in Information Technology. Students wishing to pursue advanced and graduate degrees are give the option of specializing in Information Technology security. There are many options when choosing a specialty degree in Information Technology, but with security becoming a rising issue in every area of the world, the demand is growing rapidly in the industry of Information Technology security.