The Relationship Beteween Computer Science and Engineering

In many colleges and universities, computer science as an academic discipline grew out of the electrical engineering program. As the computer industry matured and products grew more complex, computer science, in fact, became a science of its own. Nonetheless, the hardware side of computer science is still inextricably linked to electrical engineering. Microelectronics is also an engineering specialty that was brought about through computer development, principally regarding computer chips.

Computer engineering is an academic major in many schools and can be pursued through online colleges as well. Colorado Technical University is an institution with seven campuses and an extensive online education program. Their bachelor’s degree in computer engineering highlights study in these areas:

Fundamentals of Computer Programming Electrical Engineering Techniques Database Design and Management Software Engineering

The focus in their electrical engineering major includes these areas:

Digital electronic components Network Topologies Modern Communication Systems

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The relationship between the two academic majors and the two professions is evident. The fields of study have substantial similarity except for the inclusion of software and databases in the computer engineering field.

Westwood College is another school with multiple campuses and a strong online program. They have an associate’s degree in computer network engineering. This specialty has become sufficiently critical in our society and sufficiently complex that it warrants extensive study on its own. Upon completion of their course of study, the graduate will have the skills to configure, install and maintain business-wide networks. The fact that it is an engineering degree should help with entry level applications for network administrator and/or computer maintenance specialist.

Kennedy- Western University offers online programs that include bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and in computer science. Their technology master’s program includes a degree in engineering management, which is a critical role in the world on electronic communications systems.

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Engineering in computer science can involve a single machine, or it can be a specialty focused on the design and functionality of a network of machines. Wireless technology has added a new wrinkle in computer network engineering. It has also created new engineering issues such as network security with a wireless component included in the design. Engineering in computer science involves not only the hardware configurations that are necessary for networking, but the software and database management as well.

So it’s not too much of a jump to look upon information technology as a form of computer science engineering. In that field, you can find a lot of online educational resources that marry business functions and “information engineering,” so to speak.

University of Phoenix Online has a number of IT bachelor’s degrees and IT master’s programs that put the graduate in charge of information flow with business operations as a background. Those degrees include:

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Bachelor of Science in Business/e-Business Bachelor of Science in Business/Information Systems Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/Visual Communication Master of Business Administration/Technology Management Master of Information Systems Master of Information Systems/Management

Engineering functions are at the heart of computer science, both in the design and the use of the machines. You can proceed as far as you’d like into the profession with the help of some focused learning.