The right Tools for an Online Education

Having the right tools at your discretion is important when attending school online. Below we take a look at the must have technology tools and resources that will make your life easier.


This goes without saying, but you are going to need a laptop or a dedicated computer you can use for school. Buying the least expensive laptop as an online student is like a chef buying the cheapest, lowest quality utensils. Make sure your laptop has plenty of memory and RAM. It should also have wireless internet capability and an extra long battery life.

Microsoft Office

As a student you are going to be writing a lot of papers, crafting presentations and working through spreadsheets. That means you need MC office. Students can get a killer deal from their school or other retailers that give student discounts.

Thumb drive

Having a thumb drive is a great tool because you can take your work with you. It is also a great place to back up your documents in case your computer crashes. Thumb drives are very inexpensive nowadays. You can purchase one with several gigs of space for under $15.

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Fast, reliable internet service

As an online student you are going to need a powerful and reliable internet service provider. Cable internet is the best because it is the fastest. You are going to be online a lot and do not want to get bogged down by a slow internet connection. Downloading files and watching videos will be something you do a lot of. A slow internet connection will make these tasks long and laborious.


Having a good printer is crucial. Even though you are online, you will need to print out course documents such as syllabi and course readings that you can take with you, and help keep you organized. A laser printer is going to be your best bet.

File cabinet

Having a file cabinet to keep all of your course materials available sorted by class is very helpful. As you move along in your education you will need to access past material from previous courses and integrate it into your current coursework. Plus, you will probably use the material as reference for your job.

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Online backup storage

Having online backup storage is important to keep your work safe. Many virus protection software packages come with online storage. If not, it can be purchased for literally pennies a day.


You are going to need to stay on top of course assignments and deadlines. No better way than to utilize a personal planner or calendar to keep you on task.