Understanding Computer Science

Due to the fact that technology is constantly evolving, it can be difficult to pinpoint a solid definition for the specializations in the dynamic field of computer science.

Computer Science has typically been understood as the study of solving computer problems. The elementary pursuits of computer science include the following questions: What are the computer problems that need solutions? How can the computer be made more efficient, faster, and accessible to scientists and the basic user? How can we utilize science to give computers a more viable artificial intelligence?

The study of computer applications in a social context is called information technology. This involves information security, networking, and using computers as a sales, marketing or business tool.

To really get an understanding of the many branches and terminology of the computer sciences is available in the educational realm. Examining the multitude of degrees at one’s disposal related to the field can help to familiarize you with the business and the study of computer science.

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Numerous universities commit entire departments to computer science, and others create departments that stem from general computer science. Others schools, usually traditional universities, offer computer development studies along with engineering.

Subcategories of information technology and computer science are reflected well in online college curricula. Many online schools, such as Boston University’s Metropolitan College, offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field. Warren National University offers an online degree in computer science, as well as bachelor’s degrees in software engineering, e-business, management information systems, and e-commerce. The university also offers study programs and degrees for those already in the field, or someone new to the discipline.

The University of Phoenix Online provides bachelor’s degree programs in e-business and information systems. The university also has degree programs for information technology alone or with a concentration in visual communications. Master’s programs available at Phoenix Online include technology management, information systems, and information systems management.

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The U.S. Department of Labor website offers detailed information on the job responsibilities and the salary ranges and more of computer scientists and related careers (http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos042.htm). You can also find basic information about information technology and computer science just by browsing course requirements at university websites.