University of Phoenix Nursing 5 Characteristics That Made Florence Nightingale Into a Nursing Legacy

Often called the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale’s legacy continues today. University of Phoenix nursing students are learning to emulate her pioneering ways. Contemporary nurses have much to gain by following the five key characteristics that made Florence Nightingale a success:

1. Purpose in Nursing

Early in her career, Nightingale described a “divine calling.” Her resolve to care for patients carried her through difficult times. Having a purpose is crucial for today’s University of Phoenix nursing graduates when dealing with long shifts and busy days.

2. Nursing Study

Nightingale began her career by observing deaconesses at a Kaiserswerth, Germany hospital. She later completed four months of formal training at the hospital. A strong educational foundation is helping current University of Phoenix nursing graduates compete for the best nursing jobs.

3. Modern Nursing Attitude

During the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale led a group of female nurses to a British war field hospital. At the time, this was a bold move, as women had never served in wartime hospitals. The modern field of nursing is continually changing. University of Phoenix nursing graduates are constantly looking for ways to improve their profession.

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4. Nursing Advocate

Nightingale convinced stubborn army officials to change poor hospital conditions. As sanitation improved, death rates decreased. Some University of Phoenix nursing graduates are choosing to continue Nightingale’s legacy by becoming patient advocates or lobbyists.

5. Persistence in Nursing

Nightingale cared for British soldiers with unending determination. Her untiring efforts earned her the nickname “Lady with the Lamp.” Today, University of Phoenix nursing alumni who have persistence, often rise to be leaders in their chosen specialty.

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