Using Information Technology to Build a Successfull Business

The use of information technology in today’s business world is an absolute necessity in order to be productive and stay competitive. While it is true that business value does not come from technology itself, but rather from changes in business processes, those changes could not happen without the use of more and more sophisticated information technology.

One of the most obvious uses of information technology is the wireless hot spots that are being created in some of the largest American cities. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is in the process of creating wi-fi hot spots all over the city, and this spring, Chicago plans to join the wi-fi party. This development allows wireless computer usage all over these cities, and makes business that much easier to perform. More and more cities will follow lead and soon everyone will be wireless. It is an astonishing accomplishment because an all-mobile workplace will change everything about the way business is done.

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A quick scan of the headlines in any business newspaper quickly establishes the importance of information technology. “AT&T, Yahoo Link Web to Cingular Mobile Phones”, “Low- Cost Mobile Phones Planned for One Billion Users”, “AOL Teams With WebEx for Enterprise IM”, “Wireless to Organize – and Maybe Save – Lives”, “UN Targets Tobacco Advertising on the Internet”, “Amazon in Talks With Music Companies on Digital Service”- these are just a few examples of the usage of technology in the business world. New products are developed daily. Unless you are an information technology specialist, it is extremely difficult to keep track.

One of the 30 trends for 2017, according to is the pursuit of the “frictionless business platform,” where companies have to build platforms that can make their companies flexible, frictionless, “Flat” and able to use technology to increase revenue as well as keep the infrastructure running. There is now virtualization software that can help consolidate information technology assets and cut costs.

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An Indiana ad agency used remote-connection technology to set up a virtual practice in New York, without opening a big office there. The cost savings involved, which would have been impossible without information technology, are enormous.

In order for information technology to play a critical role in business transformation, however, all the IT professionals constantly have to learn new skills and capabilities for broader and broader arenas. Besides the technology perspective, they must also have a business perspective. The mission and culture of information technology professionals must remain dynamic, and new processes developed to show dramatic improvement is the bottom line of the business. The information technology available can help a company define, measure, improve and redesign its end- to-end business processes. This involves system analysis, project management and implementation.

Talented people and strategies will always count as much as hot information technology products, but it is the combination of the two factors that will make your business succeed. So don’t fall behind in the technology world. Make sure your information technology and your IT professionals are always at the top of their game.