Virginia Colleges and Universities Pursuing Online and Campus Based Education in Virginia, the ‘Old Dominion’ State

Professionals with college degrees now have some of the best career opportunities in the state of Virginia. Colleges and universities are training students to compete for top positions in the state’s diverse industries. Thanks to progress in technology, Virginia universities and colleges are now easily accessible to students from all life situations.

Top Virginia Industries Employ Graduates of Virginia Colleges and Universities

Virginia offers a wide variety of career opportunities for Virginia college graduates. Northern Virginia contains one of the highest concentrations of computer communications firms in the nation, while government and military facilities provide employment opportunities throughout the state. Some of Virginia’s top industries include:

  • Virginia Aeronautical Research.
  • Virginia Software.
  • Virginia Communications.
  • Virginia Consulting.
  • Virginia Defense contracting.
  • Virginia Professional Government.

Graduates of Virginia Universities and Colleges Enter the Best Economy in U.S. for Business

In 2017, Forbes Magazine voted Virginia as the best economy for business in the U.S. Government, tourism, and technology encourage a highly diverse and successful economy. Graduates of Virginia colleges and universities have promising futures in an economy that boasts:

  • The 2017 Virginia gross state product was $326.6 billion.
  • The September, 2017 Virginia unemployment rate was 2.5 %, compared to the national average of 4.2 %.
  • 3,909,500 people are employed in Virginia.
  • The 2016 – 2017 Virginia median household income was $52,383, compared to the national average of $46,071.
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Convenient Education Options Now Available at Virginia Colleges and Universities

Nontraditional degree programs are making Virginia colleges and universities more accessible to students from a variety of backgrounds. Unique combinations of campus-based and online degree programs are now possible through Virginia schools, such as:

Kaplan University: Alexandria College Campus and Online Degree Programs.

University of Phoenix: Richmond University Campus, Arlington College Campus, Fairfax University Campus, Reston College Campus, and Online Degree Programs.

ITT Technical Institute: Norfolk College Campus, Richmond University Campus, Chantilly College Campus, Springfield University Campus, and Online Degree Programs.

Westwood College: Annandale College Campus, Arlington Ballston College Campus, and Online Degree Programs.

To request additional information from any Virginia school of choice, prospective students may submit a brief profile form. An extensive list of Virginia colleges and universities is also available through, the leading education and career resource website.

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