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Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and those wishing to start a business should be aware of the information available to you on-line.

Recently, the U.S. Department of Social Security reported that 85 percent of Americans 65 and over do not have more than $250. Only two percent in this age range do not need help from churches, relatives, or the Government. To avoid this, there are many tools on-line that you can use to build a successful small business and create a brighter future for yourself and your family.

One magazine of interest to many small business owners is SmallBiz, published by Business Week Magazine. SmallBiz offers information and statistics for business owners on taxes, tax deadlines, and ways in which to grow your business. SmallBiz continuously publishes tips that you may have never thought of.

To help and assist home based businesses, Business Week’s on-line site contains tons of useful information and tips. There you will find anything from increasing profits of your business using ads and slogans to finding better ways of using your corporate website to link and share information with other companies and websites. Networking is the key for most businesses who have a hard time getting their business operating the way they want.

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Your business could be one of the numerous on-line success stories. There are places on-line that inform you about developing business plans and how to properly go about buying or selling a business. In just a few minutes you can learn everything from determining your advertising market to incorporating your business. Even more, there is a ton of information on buying franchises, how to raise money for your business, and the financing and accounting that needs to be done to run a successful business.

The SmallBiz Magazine website dedicates most of its topics to research statistics, keeping accounting documents organized, hiring employees, 401k and health plans, and ways to increase business. They often suggest ways to increase your presence on the web and the technology used to run a business.

Another website, details the process of the concept of your business idea to the creating of your company website. In short it states that all successful small businesses have a website and ideas on how to make sales from the web.

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The SBA (Small Business Administration) runs a website containing helpful ideas for a new start-up, the latest business opportunities and news, and ways to apply for loans or funding from the SBA.

There are many website dedicated to this kind of information and small business owners. They are there waiting for you to find them so that they can assist you in ever detail possible. Why not use information that is so easily accessible?

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