Why College Students Fail

A closer look at why college students fail shows that it has nothing to do with level of intelligence. About 90% of the population all have about the same level of intelligence. About 5% have serious learning disabilities and barriers while the other 5% are just plain smarter than everyone else.

Chances are you fall in the 90% of people who are ‘average’? But average is good enough. Average people who do not fall into the following behavior patterns are the ones that go on to graduate from college and have successful lives. Let’s look at the top reasons why college students fail.

Lack of discipline many people think it has to do with motivation, but it’s really about discipline. Discipline means you do something like study, read or homework when you don’t feel like it. Motivation means you only do something when you feel motivated to do it. Most of the time we don’t feel very motivated. Discipline is where it’s at.

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Poor personal management we cannot manage time. We can only manage ourselves. If we manage ourselves then things will fall into place. That means finding balance in life and not over committing to things, and focusing on what it important.

Lack of persistence persistence is worth a lot. If you never gave up, and kept working towards your goals you would probably be a lot further in life. College graduates are not the smartest people necessarily they are just the ones who never gave up. They stuck with it.

Inability to delay gratification we all know the guy or gal that just can’t say no to having a good time. This one characteristic will ruin your life. People who are successful know what sacrifice means. They are willing to delay gratification now for future rewards.

Fear of failure people who are afraid to fail often never do much. They are so worried about doing things perfect that they become paralyzed by their fear. It’s okay you are going to make your fair share of mistakes in life and in college. It’s called learning.

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Dependency on others it’s good to rely on others at times, but sometimes you have to do things yourself and pave your own way. Interdependence is known as being part of a healthy system where people work together yet also understand that they are responsible for their own actions and destiny. This is different than co-dependence.

Lack of reading the biggest predictor of graduating from college is the ability to read and comprehend. Many people think its math ability, but that is not true. You have to be willing to learn how to either make yourself like reading or just choose to do it even though you don’t want to (see lack of discipline above).

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