Your Entrepreneurship in Your Enterprise

Are you tired of using all your time and expertise to promote the interests of a big organization or some other person? Won’t you prefer to start a venture of your own? This will make you your own boss and answerable no one? For most people it is a dream and stays that way for ever. But you could be different. It can turn into reality if you devote time and energy into educating yourself and learning the know how of the business.
There are a number of websites that can guide you in the search for education and knowledge in entrepreneurship. One of them is Entrepreneurship Education. This website has details of courses in small business design, micro-enterprise, small business management and home-based business.
Entrepreneurship Everywhere is a guide to resources and models for all kinds of entrepreneurship. This includes small businesses, shows training proposals, organizations, sample programs and classroom materials. Entrepreneurship Education is featured at the Kauffman Foundation. This foundation feels that importance of entrepreneurship and its role in the stability of the American economy. Kauffman Foundation wants to eliminate hurdles in success and also look for novel areas for everyone. The resources include collegiate entrepreneurship, Knowledge in training, knowledge of business development and access to capital and markets.
Entrepreneurship Education also specializes in assisting women and minorities in entrepreneurship situations and entrepreneurship economics.
Jones International University and Kaplan University offer online degree courses in entrepreneurship. Eweb @ Saint Louis University has courses to deliver and develop world class entrepreneurship education. This is an informative website aimed to educate those individuals who are interested to own a small business.
On-the-job training for new business owners and budding entrepreneurs is also offered by the Services Cooperative Association (Houston). This association was one of the first ones who believed that “education was no longer confined to schools” (Tom Peters). The Services Cooperative Association instructs new business and budding entrepreneurs the following four stages of commercial development market exposure, business development, entrepreneurial education and professional growth. lists a number of schools with master’s degrees in entrepreneurship. These are Jones International University (Master of Arts in Business Communication (MABC) in Entrepreneurship), and (Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurship), Kaplan University (Master of Business Administration MBA)/Entrepreneurship) offers comprehensive details and related articles about each school’s courses offered. It also provides information request forms for these courses.
“The Eight-Hour MBA,” by Jim Vahle is a book marked in searching for entrepreneurial education. It helps the reader in a number of ways such as ways to decide if you are good for business ownership, ways to find the business best suited to you, ways to be successful in a business once it is has started and finally ways to increase the income and profit of your present business.
It is a very useful handbook for budding entrepreneurs.
For individuals who have a genuine interest in starting, or promoting their entrepreneurial business and education, there are plenty of resources. Statistics reveal that 75% of new ventures and businesses will not succeed. Don’t let yours to be one of them. With the help of appropriate research and education gear, you are sure to succeed. Initiate the process today. Gain more education and work yourself to success.

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